Undergang and Gorephilia Deliver a Filthy Death Metal Collaboration with a New Split EP

Watch out for the ten-minute Scandinavian metal attack delivered to your door step in the form of chunky riffs and maniacal screams. Undergang and Gorephilia join forces with a brand new EP, straight from the pits of the underground.

Undergang and Gorephilia just released their first collaboration together in the form of a two-song split EP. Coming out on July 5th, the release features a brand new track from both bands. The EP also holds great significance for fans of either group, as an accompanying European tour will be undertaken throughout the coming weeks. Both Undergang and Gorephilia will be playing a selection of clubs and bars as they make their way through the European metal sphere. Make sure to represent if they’re playing a date near you.

The split’s central quality lies behind the similarity of both bands in terms of nationality, experience, and style of music. While Undergang hails from Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen, Gorephilia resides within the frigid northern crypts of Finland. The Scandinavian brothers have also been active within the metal scene for roughly equal time frames, as the two groups were formed only a year apart; Undergang in 2008 and Gorephilia in 2007. Finally, the two both play a gritty, more abrasive style of death metal, which is best described as a fusion of the slower-paced doom and gloom of bands like Autopsy and the rotten, putrid atmospheres delivered by newer bands such as Torture Rack and Siege Column. These three factors undoubtedly contributed towards the collaboration’s inspiration, especially considering that the two most likely carry the same fan bases which will assure strong audience attendance during their current tour.

Undergang’s contribution to the split, titled “Ud Af Mit Gode Skind”, roughly translates from Danish to “out of my good skins”. The song is built around this chunky section of guitar strums and drum hits that are found throughout the track and subsequently break it up into pieces. The whole vibe of the song is very Undergang-esque, with the thick guitar tone that bleeds into each following note and the guttural vocal style of David Mikkelson. The song culminates with an absolutely disgusting growl that emanates through the track with its churning nature. It really just sounds like David is being stabbed to death and he’s attempting to prolong his last scream as much as he can, as his performance becomes increasingly twisted and choked as the air in his lungs slowly runs out. The track eventually concludes with an eerie windchime tune that plans as the prior noise fades out. The six-minute song is chock-filled and ensures that you enjoyed your stay.

While Gorephilia’s half of the split is a little shorter, it packs an equal punch. “Tranquility of War (Perpetual Chaos Vertex)” clocks in at just under five minutes long and successfully concludes the release. Going back to that complex of similarity between both groups, Gorephilia’s contribution is also built around a slower guitar lick that is placed throughout the song. Henri Kuula’s vocal style is very comparable to a more traditional, screaming style of death metal performance in comparison to Undergang’s deeper, more guttural style. Nonetheless, Henri’s performance is top-notch, and adds a feeling of unrest to the song that keeps you unsettled. The track also features some double-vocal sections towards its end that add an extra bit of flavour to the mix. They remind me a lot of the vocal performances on Gutter Instinct’s Heirs of Sisyphus, another excellent death metal release from earlier this year which I wrote about here. These more maniacal vocal sections help to close out the track in a ferocious manner, indicating that neither band is done with their metal invasion. Gorephilia’s contribution complements Undergang’s rather nicely to form an outstanding and successful split.

The release presents itself as a phenomenal opportunity for Gorephilia, as their following isn’t as large as Undergang’s. This is most likely due to their lower number of releases, as Gorephilia has just two full-lengths under their belt, while Undergang doubles their output with four. Such is the reasoning behind Undergang’s track being placed at the beginning of the split. Although, with that being said, I came into this release an Undergang fan, but came out a fan of both groups. As mentioned above, Gorephilia’s contribution successfully rivals their counterpart’s, and subsequently enticed me to sift through their discography.

The short split best serves as a bite-sized introduction to both bands. If you’re a fan of death metal but have not yet been touched by the rotten hand of either Scandinavian group, I highly recommend checking out this EP. The release is an excellent taste as the diverse tracks are fairly indicative of each band’s discography. Make sure to pick up this rotten release on Bandcamp and attend their shows if Underdang/Gorephilia are coming to a European dive bar near you.

Verdict: 10/10

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