Meet Brisbane’s Backbone Musician: Brendan Auld of too Many Bands to Cite in a Title

Sporting hair longer than your mother’s and arms blacked-out with ink, Brendan Auld plays in three bands and definitely looks and plays the part. If that didn’t peak your curiosity, did I mention that he runs a recording studio in his home?

Brendan is instrumental within the Brisbane music scene. While there may be more populous Australian cities, Brendan nonetheless seems to be somehow attached to anything deemed heavy within his locale. From helping friends turn their sheds into soundproofed jamming rooms to fostering grindcore projects over weekend, the term ubiquitous has never seemed more appropriate.

The longest running project that Brendan has been involved with operates under the name Siberian Hell Sounds. The undoubtingly-fittingly-titled project finds itself at the crossing point of black metal, grindcore, and hardcore, and is the most creatively intriguing band attached to his name. “It got to a point where after I recorded Siberian’s fourth of fifth release they asked me if I wanted to take a jam with them, I knew all the songs anyways and it was pretty seamless,” Brendan said.


He also plays strings for Descent, another local band which altogether incorporates blackened elements but ultimately leans further towards the death metal end of the spectrum. Finally, Brendan plays percussion in Consumed, a blackened side project. “When the Siberian drummer took some time off, Dan and Budge and the guys (who are also in Siberian Hell Sounds) wanted to jam every week, so I jumped on the drumkit and we wrote a demo in six weeks and recorded it. We’ll keep doing that just for fun in our spare time.”


With all things said and done, Brendan’s side-side-side project lives and breathes under the name Snorlax, a harsh blackened death metal operation. “I tried writing music that I thought would suit Siberian and it didn’t fit well. It was a completely different vibe, and that became Snorlax.”

“It was kinda like a joke that I just didn’t change… It would probably suit something that sounded a little more sludgey or doomy, but its my project and I’ll do what I want. Its that title that reminds me not to take it too seriously as well.”

The solo endeavour focuses on a more straightforward, albeit altogether chaotic sound. The project debuted this past summer with Splintering Demo, a four track sample chocked full of Brendan’s musical intuition. While calling it a concept release might be a stretch, Splintering Demo definitely showcases Brendan’s ability as an artist to manufacture a smooth, complete-sounding entity. Opening with deafening soundwave interference, of which will also be the last sound you hear when the ten-minute demo tapers off, it is fairly evident that the project stems from one man’s creativity (in a good way). The release also features a short instrumental titled “Boring Infestation,” whereby Brendan sampled the monologue of a Canadian medical scientist explaining the effects of CBD on the human body; of course he added that he was quite high when putting this track together.


Despite his advancements within the realm of music, Brendan had relatively humble beginnings. Straight out of high school, he picked up carpentry and learned the trade. To this day his main employment lies within the world of varnish and oak, but his dedication remains within the underground.

“It wasn’t until I took one of my bands down to Melbourne and we recorded with this guy named Roman Koester, seeing his set up and the way he did everything made me realize I needed to learn all of this, I want to do it all by myself, I don’t have to sit there trying to get somebody else to understand what you’re trying to describe to someone, its always going to be filtered through their mind, if you hear it straight from yourself it’s a little bit different. Carpentry’s not my first love, it just funds this one.”

Black Blood Audio is the name of Brendan’s home studio. When he’s not touring with his numerous side projects, or meticulously carving deceased trees, he often finds himself within the production room. While it is often no more than once a month due to a hectic schedule, the studio is used to manufacture music from Siberian Hell Sounds, Consumed, Snorlax, and other commissioned projects. “The studio is set up so it can be really functional for me writing music, I can sit down and record an entire song and demo the whole thing as I write it.” From proper full-lengths to weekend grindcore projects, the setup offers a convenient hotbed for creativity which certainly contributes to Brendan’s inhuman levels of output.

I always ask interviewees to mention local bands that they believe deserve more attention, as well as anything else they’d like publicized. First off, Descent is looking to do a split with another death metal band within the area, so to all the Australian death metallers out there, reach out. A number of bands were thrown on the chopping block, including Shackles, Lizard Wizard, Sewercide from Melbourne, and a Brisbane grindcore band that unfortunately isn’t active anymore, Scumguts.

In terms of new output, fans definitely won’t be disappointed. A new Snorlax EP is currently in the works to be recorded, of which Brendan is aiming for a 20 minute runtime. I asked for a sneak peak description of the project’s new sound, to which Brendan replied that it would be taken in a grimmer and darker direction (if that’s even possible). Since a member of Descent is moving in with him, the process of writing a new record for that band will begin within the near future. Following the developments of these projects, a new Siberian Hell Sounds will be undertaken, which will hopefully be out in the middle of next year. Finally, a Consumed split is planned with Blightworms, another Australian band, which is already written. I’m not quite sure how he does all this.


Siberian Hell Sounds’ Bandcamp page.


Descent’s Bandcamp page.


Consumed’s Bandcamp page.


Snorlax’s Bandcamp page.

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