Brisbane Blasphemous Forces: A Snorlax and Drugoth Collaboration

Returning readers will recognize the Snorlax project half responsible for this split. This time, our Brisbane friend is joined by another malignant force in the form of Drugoth, another local black metal/crust band. This one’s weird.

I’d do a little intro for Snorlax, but I’ve already dedicated a fair number of words to the act on our website. We’ve reviewed Brendan’s first demo, and we’ve also done an interview/feature on him, so check those out (primarily the latter) if you’re at all interested in carpentry or why he named his project after a drowsy Pokémon character. Thus, this edition of our bi-weekly metal review series will be shorter than usual; also, there’s not a lot to say about Drugoth. They’re a black metal band with crust influences operating out of Brisbane.


We’ll dig into Snorlax’s output first for a number of reasons which will become evident further down the line. This surprise split (which came out back in February, I add – I know…) features one full song from the project in question, titled “Malignant Force Ov Darkness.” If you’re at all familiar with his older demo, Brendan’s sound change is fairly minor here. We’ve still got the gritty breakdown portions, breakneck drumming, and most importantly of all, the twin vocal attack we all know and love. However, Brendan seems to get a little more experimental with this new track, both in regard to song structure and drumming. As a listener, you can tell that this track is more or less built around Snorlax’s percussion element, making for a unique pace here. This is a great number.

Moving on to Drugoth’s contributions, we’re met with three separate tracks, each ranging between 32 seconds to a little over a minute. To be honest, I’m really not the avid consumer of things crust/punk related. I’m far from it, really. I’m also not a fan of super short songs. So take what I say lightly, I guess, as these two elements are essentially the basis for Drugoth’s sound.


Drugoth seem to be aiming for something on the short side albeit with keeping a more straightforward black metal foundation. In other words, grindcore but in the vein of black metal. I don’t really like it. These tracks all just sound like jams to me that kind of just end, like “PLASHNAK” with it’s literal screaming conclusion. Some of these riffs are cool, but they don’t really end up going anywhere due to whatever time constraint the song has.

Snorlax won this split with conquering flair, now standing tall over Drugoth’s bleeding body. Bring in the next contender!

Verdict: 5/10

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